PITHOS Restaurant

Fine Dining by Colonides Beach Hotel

Infinite flavors next to our infinity pool with an infinite view!

Gazing across the tranquil Messenian Bay, our restaurant “Pithos” recalls a tradition of our region’s past – Pottery…

The origin of the word Pithos[/’piθos]describes the earthenware items like jars and cruses which is significant to the ancient method of storing food and beverage like olives,cheese, pork,wine. It is important to underline that these archaeological findings have been demonstrating the existance  of a wealthy and powerful ancient colony named Colonides…According to historical researches the economy of this ancient region was based on the art of pottery which a young Athenaean man named Collainos had taught to the locals in 191 b.C.

As of today, our restaurant takes the lid off, synthesizes the local ingredients and offers a modernized menu reminiscing the good old days of authenticity under the roof of fine simplicity. Our philosophy is based on the genuine gastronomy of the Messenian region; authentic products springing up in our fertile soil bring the Greek South aroma in your dining experience. Olive oil from our own organic fields and certified organic products of our local producers are the secret ingredients where cuisine passion refines each and every portrait of flavors.

Delicacy, elegance and high-quality products are the elements auguring the indulgence of your senses.

Messenian Cuisine

“A land of miracle”; What is eventually the messenian secret? The answer is “nature and simplicity”; a land embraced by the mountains and kissed by the Mediterranean Sea where the fertile soil espouses the seeds. This fruitful engagement bears the beverages and victuals of our region. Olive oil is the greatest instance. Messenian gastronomy is memorable… Thus, our restaurant “Pithos” provides for maintaining our local cuisine indelible to the march of time…

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